The Doll’s House


Katherine Mansfield

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Lottie Burnell Character Analysis

The middle Burnell daughter and sister to Isabel and Kezia. When Isabel instructs Lottie and Kezia to let her tell the other girls about the doll’s house first, she does not resist, but understands, along with Kezia, “the powers that went with being the eldest.” Lottie follows what her older sister does. When guests come to visit at the end of the story, for example, Lottie goes to change into a fresh pinafore with Isabel, though Kezia does not.

Lottie Burnell Quotes in The Doll’s House

The The Doll’s House quotes below are all either spoken by Lottie Burnell or refer to Lottie Burnell. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
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The Doll’s House Quotes

For, really, the smell of paint coming from that doll's house…was quite enough to make any one seriously ill, in Aunt Beryl's opinion. Even before the sacking was taken off. And when it was….

There stood the doll’s house, a dark, oily, spinach green, picked out with bright yellow. Its two solid little chimneys, glued on to the roof, were painted red and white, and the door, gleaming with yellow varnish, was like a little slab of toffee. Four windows, real windows, were divided into panes by a broad streak of green. There was actually a tiny porch, too, painted yellow, with big lumps of congealed paint hanging along the edge.

But perfect, perfect little house! Who could possibly mind the smell? It was part of the joy, part of the newness.

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Page Number: 314
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For the fact was, the school the Burnell children went to was not at all the kind of place their parents would have chosen if there had been any choice. But there was none. It was the only school for miles. And the consequence was all the children in the neighborhood, the Judge’s little girls, the doctor’s daughters, the storekeeper’s children, the milkman’s, were forced to mix together.

Page Number: 316
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But the line had to be drawn somewhere. It was drawn at the Kelveys. Many of the children, including the Burnells, were not allowed even to speak to them…the Kelveys were shunned by everybody.

Page Number: 316
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Lottie Burnell Character Timeline in The Doll’s House

The timeline below shows where the character Lottie Burnell appears in The Doll’s House. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
The Doll’s House
Talking vs. Silence Theme Icon
...rush to school, excited to tell everyone about the doll’s house. Isabel warns her sisters Lottie and Kezia that she, as the oldest, ought to be first to tell the other... (full context)
Innocence and Cruelty  Theme Icon
...and drives them home to greet visitors who have arrived at the house. Isabel and Lottie go to change into fresh pinafores, but Kezia sneaks out to the courtyard to swing... (full context)