The Enemy


V. S. Naipaul

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The Narrator

The narrator is an unnamed young Indo-Trinidadian boy who struggles to assert himself in his relationship with his mother. The narrator is initially closer to his father than his mother, and when his parents… read analysis of The Narrator

The Narrator’s Mother

“The Enemy” is fundamentally about the relationship between the narrator and his mother. According to the narrator, his mother has always hated his father, and she disapproves of her only son because she sees… read analysis of The Narrator’s Mother

The Narrator’s Father

The narrator’s father is a complicated figure in “The Enemy”: he’s at once authoritative and abusive yet also tender toward his son and fearful of the very people he oversees. The narrator’s father is… read analysis of The Narrator’s Father


Hat is the narrator and his mother’s neighbor in Port-of-Spain. At one point he saves the narrator from drowning, an experience that the narrator writes about in an essay for school. The pivotal ending… read analysis of Hat