The Gilded Six Bits


Zora Neale Hurston

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The Gilded Six Bits Characters

Missie May Banks

Missie May is the attractive, spirited young wife of Joe Banks. Together the couple lives in Eatonville, Florida, where Missie May takes pride in maintaining their modest but beautiful home, giving attention to small… (read full character analysis)

Joe Banks

Joe is the husband of Missie May Banks. Together the couple lives in Eatonville, Florida, where Joe is employed by the G. and G. Fertilizer works. Joe takes delight in providing for Missie May… (read full character analysis)

Otis D. Slemmons

Slemmons is a newcomer to Eatonville and the owner of an ice cream parlor. His origin is uncertain; Joe says that Slemmons is “of spots and places—Memphis, Chicago, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and so on.” He is… (read full character analysis)

Joe’s Mother

Joe’s mother lives nearby in Eatonville. She “prayed…nightly” for the failure of Joe and Missie May’s marriage. After she helps Missie May deliver a son, she tells Joe that she had never thought… (read full character analysis)

Candy Store Clerk

At the end of the story, Joe chats with the unnamed candy store clerk during his shopping trip to Orlando. Although Joe hasn't visited the store for months, the clerk knows Joe by name and… (read full character analysis)
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