The Good Soldier


Ford Madox Ford

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The Good Soldier Characters

John Dowell

John Dowell is the first-person narrator of The Good Soldier. He is married to Florence Dowell and friends with Edward and Leonora Ashburnham. Because John is the narrator, everything the reader learns about… read analysis of John Dowell

Florence Dowell

Florence Dowell is John Dowell’s wife and Edward Ashburnham’s mistress. She comes from a notable Pennsylvania family with a significant fortune. For reasons that are not entirely clear, Florence’s aunts and uncles did… read analysis of Florence Dowell

Edward Ashburnham

Edward Ashburnham is Leonora Ashburnham’s husband. He comes from an upper-class background and commands great respect. John regularly insists that Edward is fundamentally a good person and a sentimentalist. However, Edward’s fatal flaw is… read analysis of Edward Ashburnham

Leonora Ashburnham

Leonora Ashburnham is Edward Ashburnham’s wife. She comes from a poverty-stricken background, even though her family name is well known. Her father arranged her marriage to Edward, and she does her best to make… read analysis of Leonora Ashburnham

Nancy Rufford

Nancy Rufford is a young woman whom the Ashburnham’s practically raise. She is an innocent girl who, for most of the novel, is unaware of the actions of the adults around her. In particular, she… read analysis of Nancy Rufford
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Maisie Maiden

Maisie Maiden is a young, beautiful woman who is married to a deployed soldier. Edward is romantically interested in her, although she doesn’t know that. Leonora allows Edward to invite Maisie to Nauheim, even though… read analysis of Maisie Maiden

La Dolciquita

La Dolciquita is the mistress of the Russian Grand Duke. She has sex with Edward when the Ashburnhams are in Monte Carlo. After their night together, La Dolciquita tells Edward that he must pay her… read analysis of La Dolciquita
Minor Characters
Uncle John
Uncle John is Florence’s uncle. He is a hardworking man who saved up a fortune over his lifetime. He dies just a few days before Florence, allowing John to inherit his money.
Mrs. Basil
Mrs. Basil is Major Basil’s wife. She has an affair with Edward while the Ashburnhams are in Burma.
Major Basil
Major Basil is Mrs. Basil’s husband. He blackmails Edward after discovering that Edward and Mrs. Basil are having an affair.
Rodney Bayham
Rodney Bayham is a casual acquaintance of Leonora’s whom she considers having an affair with while married to Edward. Leonora marries Rodney after Edward’s death.
Jimmy is a lower-class man who works for Florence’s family. Florence has an affair with him in Paris.
Julius is John’s African American servant. John beats him brutally after he drops a suitcase that supposedly contains Florence’s heart medication.
Bagshawe is a man John randomly talks to while in a hotel lobby. He accidently tells John that Florence is having an affair because he doesn’t know that Florence is John’s wife.
Colonel Powys
Colonel Powys is Leonora’s father. He is friends with Colonel Ashburnham.
Colonel Ashburnham
Colonel Ashburnham is Edward’s father. He is friends with Colonel Powys.