The Help


Kathryn Stockett

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While Jim Crow-era laws enforced racial segregation in the South on a state and local level, the everyday beliefs and social behaviors of Southern whites were just as central to the continued segregation of African-Americans… read analysis of Bathrooms

Minny’s “Special Ingredient” Pie

Minny is famous for her chocolate-custard pies, and many people have hired her just to get their hands on her cooking. Minny’s food is so good that her employers will tolerate her “sass” and outspoken… read analysis of Minny’s “Special Ingredient” Pie

The Bitter Seed

Aibileen often refers to the “bitter seed” that began growing inside of her after the death of her son Treelore. The seed makes Aibileen less accepting of the white women who treat her like… read analysis of The Bitter Seed

The Mimosa Tree

The mimosa tree in Celia Foote’s backyard represents her repressed hatred of the gender norms that she has internalized. Throughout the novel, Celia is confined to her home, unwilling to leave for fear she will… read analysis of The Mimosa Tree