The Little Stranger


Sarah Waters

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Mr. Morley Character Analysis

Mr. Morley is Mrs. Baker-Hyde’s brother. He is a pretentious and crude man who attends the Ayerses’ party at Hundreds. Mrs. Ayers invites him because she thinks he might make a nice suitor for Caroline. However, Caroline does not like him, and they end up hating each other after Gyp bites Gillian Baker-Hyde.
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Mr. Morley Character Timeline in The Little Stranger

The timeline below shows where the character Mr. Morley appears in The Little Stranger. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3
Class Envy Theme Icon
...coming. Although they are rather extravagant, Faraday finds himself liking the Baker-Hydes. However, he dislikes Mr. Morley , Mrs. Baker-Hyde’s brother, who is also present. Faraday finds Morley pretentious and thinks that... (full context)
The Decline of the British Upper Class Theme Icon
Class Envy Theme Icon
...tells him he is only there to socialize. Mr. Baker-Hyde quickly shifts the conversation to Mr. Morley , for whom he openly expresses his distaste. He tells Faraday that the entire purpose... (full context)
Science and the Supernatural Theme Icon the nearest hospital in such poor weather. As Faraday takes Gillian to the kitchen, Mr. Morley sees Gyp and kicks him. Caroline angrily yells at Mr. Morley, which causes a fight... (full context)