The Man Who Would Be King


Rudyard Kipling

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The Man Who Would Be King Characters

The Narrator

The story’s narrator is a correspondent for the Backwoodsman, an English-language newspaper. As part of his job, he travels by train to various parts of India, interacting with everyone from the kings of minor… read analysis of The Narrator

Peachey Carnehan

Peachey Carnehan, one of the story’s two protagonists, is a “loafer”—an Englishman in India who lacks the funds to travel first-class. He makes just enough to live on through a combination of odd… read analysis of Peachey Carnehan

Daniel Dravot

Daniel Dravot is the story’s other protagonist who, along with Peachey Carnehan, sets out to conquer the land of Kafiristan. Once they have conquered a few villages, however, Dravot immediately develops grander ambitions. He… read analysis of Daniel Dravot

Billy Fish

Peachey Carnehan and Daniel Dravot make up names for the chiefs of Kafiristan, presumably because they can’t pronounce their real names. One of these is Billy Fish. Billy Fish warns against Dravot’s plan to marry… read analysis of Billy Fish