The Monkey’s Paw


W. W. Jacobs

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The Monkey’s Paw Characters

Mr. White

Mr. White is an old man who is tempted to alter fate and who suffers dire consequences as a (possible) result. Jacobs characterizes Mr. White as a man who cannot accept his own fate, whether… read analysis of Mr. White

Mrs. White

Mrs. White is the wife of Mr. White and the mother of Herbert. She represents the happy domesticity present inside the house at the beginning of the story, as she knits by the cozy… read analysis of Mrs. White

Herbert White

Herbert is the young adult son of Mr. White and Mrs. White. He is a happy, loving son to his parents, indicative of the domestic bliss shown at the beginning of the story. Though… read analysis of Herbert White

Sergeant-Major Morris

Morris is an old friend of Mr. White who has been a soldier abroad in India for 21 years. His fantastical stories of his travels show the allure of adventure in exotic places, adventures that… read analysis of Sergeant-Major Morris

The Company Representative / The Stranger

The company representative visits Mr. White and Mrs. White to tell them their son Herbert is dead. He represents the company that owns the factory where Herbert worked before he was killed in a machinery… read analysis of The Company Representative / The Stranger
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