The Other Wes Moore


Wes Moore

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Bernard Character Analysis

Bernard is Wes’s father. Within a few months of meeting Mary, Bernard gets her pregnant with Wes; however, after this point he disappears. An alcoholic, Bernard never graduated high school and doesn’t have a stable job. During the handful of times Wes meets him, Bernard is in an alcohol-induced stupor and doesn’t recognize his son.
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Bernard Character Timeline in The Other Wes Moore

The timeline below shows where the character Bernard appears in The Other Wes Moore. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Is Daddy Coming with Us?
Friendship, Family, and Brotherhood Theme Icon
Inclusion vs. Exclusion Theme Icon
Discipline and Violence Theme Icon
...his age, “with a reserved, quiet dignity.” This is a marked contrast from his father, Bernard, a neighborhood boy and abusive alcoholic who left Mary before Wes was born. When Wes... (full context)
Chapter 5: Lost
Friendship, Family, and Brotherhood Theme Icon
Race, Inequality, and Injustice Theme Icon
...ambivalent about his role in his child’s life. The last time Wes saw his father, Bernard asked Wes, “Who are you?”. Wes simply smirked and left without responding. (full context)