The Painted Door


Sinclair Ross

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The Painted Door Characters


Ann is John’s wife. The two of them have been married for seven years, and live together on a farm. Ann is youthful and energetic. Although she loves her husband and appreciates how hard… read analysis of Ann


John is Ann’s husband. He is a strong, quiet farmer who thinks he is lucky to have a wife like Ann. He has a single goal in life: to provide Ann with the material… read analysis of John


Steven is Ann and John’s friend and neighbor. Ann and John both enjoy Steven’s company—they see him fairly often for a game of cards or a shared meal. Ann describes him as young, good-looking… read analysis of Steven

The Neighbors

John, Ann and Steven live on very isolated farms, but they do have neighbors who live close enough to be familiar faces. Ann refers to them as a group, without discussing any particular names… read analysis of The Neighbors