The Penelopiad


Margaret Atwood

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Palamedes is a man faithful to Menelaus who goes with him to press Odysseus into joining them in a war against the Trojans. Palamedes is the one who places Telemachus in front of Odyssey’s cart, thereby proving that Odysseus is faking his madness to try to get out of going to war.
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Palamedes Character Timeline in The Penelopiad

The timeline below shows where the character Palamedes appears in The Penelopiad. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 11: Helen Ruins My Life
Storytelling, Textual Authority, and Falsehoods Theme Icon
Palamedes, however, found Odysseus out. Palamedes put the infant Telemachus in front of the ox and... (full context)