The Rattrap


Selma Lagerlöf

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The Peddler / The Stranger

The protagonist and central character of the story is an unnamed man who lives as a tramp wandering the countryside and selling rattraps, which he makes out of wire in his spare time. Because… read analysis of The Peddler / The Stranger

Edla Wilmansson

The daughter of the ironmaster, Edla is described as “not at all pretty, but […] modest and quite shy.” She is exceptionally kind, convincing the peddler to come to her house and then convincing… read analysis of Edla Wilmansson

The Ironmaster

The man who owns Ramsjö Ironworks, and Edla Wilmansson’s father. Described as a “very prominent ironmaster,” he stops by to watch the work at his forge every day and night and inspect the quality… read analysis of The Ironmaster

The Old Man / The Crofter

An old man who lets the peddler spend the night at his house. The old man is clearly lonely and glad to have company, and provides the peddler with food, tobacco, and conversation. He used… read analysis of The Old Man / The Crofter
Minor Characters
The Master Blacksmith
The master blacksmith at Ramsjö Ironworks, who works hard at the forge and agrees to let the peddler warm himself and sleep by the furnace.
The Apprentice
A boy who helps the master blacksmith in his work at the forge at Ramsjö Ironworks.