The Red-Headed League


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The Red-Headed League Characters

Sherlock Holmes

The protagonist of the story, Sherlock Holmes is a private detective who works alongside his assistant and friend, Dr. John Watson. Jabez Wilson, a pawnbroker who lives next door to a bank, employs… read analysis of Sherlock Holmes

Dr. John Watson

Dr. John Watson is the narrator of the story, and Sherlock Holmes’ assistant. Although Holmes’ intellect and deductive prowess easily outpace Watson’s, Watson accompanies Holmes on his cases both out of fascination and a… read analysis of Dr. John Watson

Jabez Wilson

Jabez Wilson is an average pawnbroker, and the innocent victim of the story. He hires Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. John Watson, to solve a peculiar mystery tied to a strange organization called… read analysis of Jabez Wilson

John Clay / Vincent Spaulding

John Clay, the antagonist of the story, is a criminal mastermind in London. Sherlock Holmes even describes Clay as the fourth-smartest man in the city, and were it not for his criminality, Clay might even… read analysis of John Clay / Vincent Spaulding

Archie / Duncan Ross / William Morris

Archie is the criminal accomplice of John Clay. He poses under the name of Duncan Ross as the employer of Jabez Wilson, as part of the scheme to get Wilson out of his house… read analysis of Archie / Duncan Ross / William Morris
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Detective Jones

Detective Jones is the incompetent policeman assigned to the case. Sherlock Holmes describes him as an “imbecile” in his profession. Jones does not even manage to catch a criminal: only Holmes successfully grabs John Clayread analysis of Detective Jones

Mr. Merryweather

Mr. Merryweather is the manager of the bank that John Clay and Archie have targeted, which is only a few meters away from Jabez Wilson’s house. He accompanies Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watsonread analysis of Mr. Merryweather