The Stepford Wives


Ira Levin

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The Stepford Wives Characters

Joanna Eberhart

The novel’s protagonist, Joanna Eberhart, is a semi-professional photographer and a feminist willing to challenge sexist cultural norms. After living for years in New York City, she moves to the suburban town of Stepford with… read analysis of Joanna Eberhart

Walter Eberhart

Walter Eberhart is Joanna’s husband and Kim and Pete’s father. He has made a successful career for himself working at a law firm, and he thinks that moving to Stepford is the right… read analysis of Walter Eberhart

Bobbie Markowe

Bobbie Markowe is Joanna’s best friend in Stepford. Like Joanna, she’s a feminist who’s put off by the fact that the other women in Stepford only care about housework and pleasing their husbands. Along… read analysis of Bobbie Markowe

Dave Markowe

Dave Markowe is Bobbie’s husband. In the same way that Joanna believes Walter shares her feminist views, Bobbie thinks Dave is unlike the other men in Stepford—she thinks he values her for who she… read analysis of Dave Markowe

Dale Coba

Dale Coba is the president of the Men’s Association in Stepford. Joanna immediately dislikes him when she meets him, since he talks to her in an incredibly condescending manner—she can just tell he doesn’t value… read analysis of Dale Coba
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Ike Mazzard

Ike Mazzard is a famous magazine illustrator who lives in Stepford. Like the other men in town, he belongs to the Men’s Association. Ever since she was a young girl, Joanna has seen Ike’s drawingsread analysis of Ike Mazzard

Dr. Margaret Fancher

Dr. Margaret Fancher is a therapist Joanna sees after insisting to Walter that they need to move because of the nefarious things happening in Stepford. Walter forces her to see a therapist to make sure… read analysis of Dr. Margaret Fancher

Ruthanne Henry

Ruthanne Henry is the author of a well-known children’s book that Joanna likes to read to Kim. Joanna meets Ruthanne in the library shortly after Ruthanne moves to Stepford with her husband and children… read analysis of Ruthanne Henry


Charmaine is one of the only women in Stepford who’s uninterested in housework and the usual trappings of a domestic lifestyle. For this reason, Bobbie and Joanna are thrilled to meet her, and Joanna starts… read analysis of Charmaine

Claude Axhelm

Claude Axhelm is one of the members of the Men’s Association in Stepford. He claims to be working on a personal project that involves recording the voice of everyone in town. According to him, building… read analysis of Claude Axhelm

Kit Sundersen

Kit Sundersen is one of Joanna’s neighbors. When Joanna goes around town asking women if they’d like to form a female equivalent of the Men’s Association, Kit Sundersen tells her that she’s too busy… read analysis of Kit Sundersen
Minor Characters
Carol Van Sant
Carol Van Sant is Joanna’s neighbor. Like all the other women in Stepford, she’s exclusively interested in housework.
Ted Van Sant
Ted Van Sant is Joanna’s neighbor who plays a part in getting Walter to join the Men’s Association. He is Carol Van Sant’s husband.
Kim Eberhart
Kim Eberhart is Joanna’s daughter.
Pete Eberhart
Pete Eberhart is Joanna’s son.