The Stone Angel


Margaret Laurence

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Sandra Wong Character Analysis

A young girl who shares Hagar’s semiprivate hospital room. Admitted for an appendectomy, Sandra worries that the operation will be painful. Hagar assures her it’ll be a breeze, but when Sandra wakes up from the procedure in debilitating pain, she becomes angry with Hagar for not warning her of what was to come. The two slowly develop a friendship, and Sandra comforts Hagar through her final days.
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Sandra Wong Character Timeline in The Stone Angel

The timeline below shows where the character Sandra Wong appears in The Stone Angel. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10
Choices and Identity Theme Icon
Womanhood Theme Icon
...a teenaged girl in the other bed. Seeing Hagar awake, the girl introduces herself as Sandra Wong, and says that she’s going to have her appendix out. The girl is nervous,... (full context)
Choices and Identity Theme Icon
Womanhood Theme Icon
...with a needle. Just as the medicine goes to work, Hagar sees the curtains around Sandra’s bed being pulled aside. Her mother is leaving after a visit, and Sandra, in bed,... (full context)
Womanhood Theme Icon
In the middle of the night, Hagar is awoken by the sound of Sandra crying. Hagar calls out and asks Sandra to put her light on for her and... (full context)
Memory and the Past Theme Icon
Womanhood Theme Icon
Hagar is awash in a sea of pain and discomfort when Sandra approaches her to tell her some good news: Sandra is soon going to be released... (full context)