The Story of an Hour


Kate Chopin

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The Story of an Hour Characters

Louise Mallard

A woman troubled by a heart condition who is told that her husband, Brently Mallard, has died in a train accident. Due to her heart problem, she is not supposed to become overly excited… read analysis of Louise Mallard

Brently Mallard

Louise Mallard’s husband, who is incorrectly reported to have died in a train accident. When he returns home that day, he has no idea that anybody thinks he has died. Brently is a kind… read analysis of Brently Mallard


The sister of Louise Mallard. Aware of Louise’s heart troubles, she breaks the news of Brently’s death to Louise using a calm demeanor. She actively worries about her sister’s health and tries to… read analysis of Josephine
Minor Characters
Brently’s friend who is in the newspaper office when news comes in that there has been a train crash. After reading Brently’s name on the list of the deceased, he tells Josephine the mistaken information.
Medical doctors who examine Louise’s dead body.