The Story of My Life


Helen Keller

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The Story of My Life: Chapter 16 Summary & Analysis

Before October of 1893, Helen had studied in a loose and relaxed way. She read histories of Greece, Rome, and the United States, and studied French grammar and pronunciation. After returning from the World’s Fair, however, Helen’s lessons became fixed, and she studied certain subjects and certain hours. Helen was at first unwilling to conform to a formal lesson plan, particularly where Latin was concerned, but as she got deeper into the subject, she found beauty in the language, and to this day still enjoys reading Latin passages. Helen believes that there is “nothing more beautiful” than the feeling of studying a new language.
Continuing her journey into adulthood, Helen began taking lessons at fixed times and in fixed subjects, furthering her education in language, literature, and the arts. Helen’s love of language, and the inexpressible feelings associated with learning a new one, demonstrate her desire for seemingly endless ways to communicate and be present in the world.
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