The Visit


Friedrich Dürrenmatt

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Also known as Boby (a nickname given by Claire), he was the former Chief Justice of Güllen, who presided over Claire’s paternity trial before taking a job at the Kaffigen Court of Appeals. For the past twenty-five years, he has been in Claire’s service, having been lured away from his prominent post at Kaffigen into becoming a butler by the exorbitant salary she offered him.

Butler Quotes in The Visit

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Justice, Morality, and Money Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Grove Press edition of The Visit published in 2010.
Act 1 Quotes

Correct. Chief Justice Hofer. Forty-five years ago I was Chief Justice of Güllen and then moved on to the Court of Appeal in Kaffigen, until twenty-five years ago Mrs. Zachanassian offered me the opportunity to enter her service as her butler. I accepted. A peculiar career for a man of learning, perhaps, but the salary was so fantastic—

Related Characters: Butler (speaker), Claire Zachanassian
Page Number: 31
Explanation and Analysis:

BUTLER: What happened to you?

CLAIRE ZACHANASSIAN: I became a prostitute.


CLAIRE ZACHANASSIAN: The court’s verdict turned me into one.

Related Characters: Claire Zachanassian (speaker), Butler (speaker)
Page Number: 34
Explanation and Analysis:
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Butler Character Timeline in The Visit

The timeline below shows where the character Butler appears in The Visit. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 1
Humanism and Dehumanization Theme Icon
...same reasons that she is grotesque. She begins to detrain with her entourage, including her Butler and her Husband VII, but is stopped by an irate Train Supervisor demanding that she... (full context)
Humanism and Dehumanization Theme Icon is Pedro, but she has effectively renamed him Moby to rhyme with Boby, her Butler’s name. (full context)
Justice, Morality, and Money Theme Icon
She summons Boby the Butler to make her point. As soon as the man removes his dark glasses, the Teacher... (full context)
Justice, Morality, and Money Theme Icon
The Butler continues: when he was the Chief Justice of Güllen, he arbitrated a paternity case that... (full context)
Act 2
Love and Prostitution Theme Icon
Humanism and Dehumanization Theme Icon
Meanwhile, Claire’s entourage tries to appease their demanding mistress: Boby the Butler searches for her prosthetic leg, while Roby strums folk tunes she requests on guitar. Claire... (full context)