The Winslow Boy


Terence Rattigan

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The Winslow Boy Characters

Ronnie Winslow

The “Winslow Boy” of the play’s title, fourteen-year-old Ronnie is the first character on stage, visibly frightened of the repercussions of being expelled from Osborne Naval College. He is alleged to have stolen a postal… read analysis of Ronnie Winslow

Arthur Winslow

Arthur is the intimidating patriarch of the Winslow family. He is the main driver behind the long and arduous legal process to get Ronnie justice and a fair trial. Though the family is clearly intimidated… read analysis of Arthur Winslow

Grace Winslow

Grace is the flighty mother of the Winslow family who simply wants a nice life. She doesn’t understand why Arthur is willing to sacrifice their living standards just to win a case that, after all… read analysis of Grace Winslow

Catherine Winslow

Catherine is Arthur and Grace’s daughter and Ronnie’s sister. Along with Arthur, she is the character most committed to Ronnie’s defense, and Arthur considers her his “closest ally.” In fact, she readily gives… read analysis of Catherine Winslow

Dickie Winslow

Dickie is Ronnie’s older brother who at the play’s beginning is an undergraduate at Oxford. His father, Arthur, suspects him of shirking his studies and being distracted by his gramophone. He’s the… read analysis of Dickie Winslow
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Sir Robert Morton

Sir Robert is a notorious barrister hired by Arthur to fight the Winslow case, and is widely held to be the best in the business. He comes across as rude, impersonal, and a little intimidating… read analysis of Sir Robert Morton


Violet is the Winslows’ housemaid. She is a loyal servant to the family and is the first character that Ronnie reveals himself to in Act 1. Evidently, she has never been given proper training and… read analysis of Violet

Desmond Curry

Desmond is the Winslow family’s hapless solicitor who is hopelessly in love with Catherine. Now forty-five, he used to be a successful cricket player but his athletic glory has long since faded. When Desmond… read analysis of Desmond Curry

John Watherstone

John Watherstone is a man of about thirty years who gets engaged to Catherine. In Act 1, he comes to the Winslow house to discuss Arthur’s dowry for John and Catherine’s marriage. But… read analysis of John Watherstone

John’s Father/Colonel Watherstone

John’s father is a colonel in the army. John is dependent on his father for financial security and is evidently quite afraid of him. As a member of the military establishment, John’s father does not… read analysis of John’s Father/Colonel Watherstone
Minor Characters
Miss Barnes
Miss Barnes is a journalist from The Daily News. She appears in Act 2 as the media attention in the Winslow case grows. She annoys Arthur because she seems more interested in their curtains than in the political significance of Ronnie’s legal battle.