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Caryl Churchill

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Louise Character Analysis

Louise is a woman who comes for an interview at the Top Girls Employment Agency with Win. She is forty-six, and Win describes her age as a “handicap.” Louise is frustrated in her current job, where she feels unappreciated and unrecognized despite the twenty-plus years she has put in there. She has watched young men whom she has personally trained go on to receive better jobs both at her own company and elsewhere, and is angry that she herself has been unable to advance.

Louise Quotes in Top Girls

The Top Girls quotes below are all either spoken by Louise or refer to Louise . For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Life Under the Patriarchy Theme Icon
Act Two, Scene One Quotes

WIN: So I take it the job itself no longer satisfies you. Is it the money?

LOUISE: It’s partly the money. It’s not so much the money.


WIN: So why are you making a change?

LOUISE: Other people make changes.

WIN: But why are you, now, after spending most of your life in the one place?

LOUISE: There you are, I’ve lived for that company, I’ve given my life really you could say because I haven’t had a great deal of social life, I’ve worked in the evenings. […] I had management status from the age of twenty-seven and you’ll appreciate what that means. I’ve built up a department. And there it is I, it works extremely well, and I feel I’m stuck there. I’ve spent twenty years in middle management. I’ve seen young men who I trained go on, in my own company or elsewhere, to higher things. Nobody notices me, I don’t expect it, I don’t attract attention by making mistakes, everybody takes it for granted that my work is perfect. They will notice me when I go, they will be sorry I think to lose me, they will offer me more money of course, I will refuse. They will see when I’ve gone what I was doing for them.

Related Characters: Win (speaker), Louise (speaker)
Related Symbols: Top Girls Employment Agency
Page Number: 62-63
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Louise Character Timeline in Top Girls

The timeline below shows where the character Louise appears in Top Girls. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act Two, Scene One
Women’s Stories Theme Icon
Power, Success, and Individualism Theme Icon
Win goes into an adjacent room to interview Louise, a woman in her early forties who has been at the same job for twenty-one... (full context)
Life Under the Patriarchy Theme Icon
Women’s Stories Theme Icon
Power, Success, and Individualism Theme Icon
Louise tells Win that she has “lived for [the] company,” and has sacrificed her social life... (full context)
Life Under the Patriarchy Theme Icon
Power, Success, and Individualism Theme Icon
Win warns Louise that in many interviews she’ll be competing against younger men—but there are fields that are... (full context)