Suzan-Lori Parks

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Topdog/Underdog Characters


One of only two characters seen onstage during the play, Lincoln is living with his brother, Booth, because Lincoln’s wife, Cookie, has left him. An intelligent man who likes to drink, he works… read analysis of Lincoln


A hotheaded, unemployed man who allows his older brother, Lincoln, to stay in his apartment. Booth is obsessed with making money and attracting women, though he has neither a job nor a healthy romantic… read analysis of Booth


Booth’s love interest, who never appears on stage. Booth talks extensively about Grace, saying things like, “Shes in love with me again but she dont know it yet.” In the play’s final scene, Booth… read analysis of Grace


Lincoln’s ex-wife, who never appears on stage. Still, the brothers talk about her, and Booth explains that she came to the apartment one night when her marriage with Lincoln was falling apart. Apparently, she… read analysis of Cookie


A fellow conman with whom Lincoln used to hustle. While Lincoln served as the dealer in Three-Card Monte, Lonny would subtly encourage passersby to join the game. However, hustling can be dangerous, and on Lincoln’s… read analysis of Lonny
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