Suzan-Lori Parks

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Lonny Character Analysis

A fellow conman with whom Lincoln used to hustle. While Lincoln served as the dealer in Three-Card Monte, Lonny would subtly encourage passersby to join the game. However, hustling can be dangerous, and on Lincoln’s final day throwing cards, Lonny was killed. This is why Lincoln doesn’t want to reenter the life of a conman.
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Lonny Character Timeline in Topdog/Underdog

The timeline below shows where the character Lonny appears in Topdog/Underdog. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Scene Two
Deception Theme Icon
History Theme Icon
...confirms that he is. “One day I was throwing the cards,” he says. “Next day Lonny died. Somebody shot him. I knew I was next, so I quit.” He posits that... (full context)
Scene Four
Deception Theme Icon
History Theme Icon
...went out to play one last time, and this was the day his good friend Lonny died. This is why he left Three-Card Monte behind for good, he tells himself, getting... (full context)
Scene Five
Deception Theme Icon
Brotherhood and Competition Theme Icon
...Booth launches into an explanation of the scheme Lincoln and his fellow hustlers used to run—Lonny would convince marks to come play Three-Card Monte as they passed on the street. The... (full context)