Susan Glaspell

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Mrs. Peters

The wife of the sheriff. Mrs. Peters is more timid than Mrs. Hale and more aware of the responsibilities the women have to the law and to their husbands when they uncover the truth of… read analysis of Mrs. Peters

Mrs. Hale

The wife of the neighboring farmer. Mrs. Hale is wracked by guilt at not having visited Minnie Wright more often to support her through the difficulties of living with her unkind husband. She leads analysis of Mrs. Hale

Minnie Wright

The wife of the murdered John Wright, and his killer. Mrs. Hale remembers Minnie for her youthful innocence and happiness before she was married (when she was Minnie Foster). Back then, she sang joyfully… read analysis of Minnie Wright
Minor Characters
George Henderson
The county attorney assigned to the case of John Wright’s murder. He is a young man with a self-assured attitude, confident that he’ll be able to find and present the evidence against Minnie Wright, and certain of her guilt.
Henry Peters
The local sheriff who accompanies George Henderson on his investigation. Although less vocal and bombastic than Henderson, Peters is equally prejudiced against and judgmental of women.
Lewis Hale
The neighboring farmer who discovered John Wright’s body. He recounts his tale of visiting the Wrights and describes Minnie Wright’s strange attitude as she sat in her rocking chair and announced the death of her husband by strangulation.
John Wright
The deceased farmer. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters describe him as a good man because he did not drink and paid his debts, but a hard man. He was not considered good company, and the other women imagine the loneliness of Minnie’s life as his wife.