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The title of the play refers to the concerns of the women in the play, which the men consider to be only “trifles.” This includes such things as the canning jars of fruit that Minnieread analysis of Trifles

Canning Jars of Fruit

The canning jars of fruit represent Minnie’s extreme concern over her role as wife and her household responsibilities. This concern is the product of the pressure society has placed on her as a woman… read analysis of Canning Jars of Fruit

The Dirty Towel

This is one of many out-of-place objects in Minnie’s kitchen that cause George Henderson to accuse her of being a poor housekeeper. The disarray of Minnie’s kitchen demonstrates a distressed mind and that Minnie’s… read analysis of The Dirty Towel

The Quilt

Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters decide to bring the quilt to Minnie in jail, another one of the trifles that the men believe only concern women. The quilt and Minnie’s decision to finish it in… read analysis of The Quilt

The Dead Bird

The strangled songbird that Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters discover explains the motivation behind Minnie Wright’s crime, but also symbolizes John Wright’s abusive treatment of his wife. Minnie is linked to the bird… read analysis of The Dead Bird

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