Yevgeny Zamyatin

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We: Record 38 Summary & Analysis

When D-503 wakes up, it’s daytime and I-330 is sitting at his desk, smirking. He is overjoyed to see her, as he thought she’d been taken by the State. They embrace, but D-503 remembers the pink ticket with the letter “F” on it he found in her room yesterday and hesitates. I-330 asks D-503 if he was really with the Benefactor yesterday, and when he confirms that he was, “her face paled, faded, and disappeared.” He tells her everything that happened, then asks if this was why she came—to get information she wanted. She doesn’t respond, but D-503 intuits the truth. They say goodbye, but I-330’s lips are cold. D-503 cries out that he “can’t take it anymore.”
Despite his growing certainty that I-330 was only using him to get to the Integral, D-503 is happy to see her, which reveals that he’s still willing to behave irrationally for her. His happiness fades when he remembers the pink ticket with the letter “F” on it that he found in her room, and he feels alienated from her. I-330 and D-503’s parting lacks closure because neither character gets any closure regarding the forces that tore their romance apart: D-503 suspects that I-330 was only using him, but she doesn’t explicitly tell him so. I-330 likely suspects that D-503 betrayed MEPHI in his meeting with the Benefactor the day before, but she doesn’t know this for certain.
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