When It Happens


Margaret Atwood

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When It Happens Characters

Mrs. Burridge

Mrs. Burridge is a 51-year-old woman who lives with her husband Frank Burridge on an isolated farm. Mrs. Burridge thinks Frank is a good man and relies on his care and protection, though she is… read analysis of Mrs. Burridge

Frank Burridge

Frank Burridge is Mrs. Burridge’s husband. He is a hard-working and generally kind man, although Mrs. Burridge is regularly annoyed with him and refers to him as “pigheaded.” Frank does a majority of the… read analysis of Frank Burridge

Sarah Burridge

Sarah Burridge is the daughter of Mrs. Burridge and Frank Burridge. She is the only Burridge child mentioned by name in the story, although little is known about her except that she is the… read analysis of Sarah Burridge
Minor Characters
Henry Clarke
Henry Clarke is a friend of Frank Burridge. The two of them once tried turkey farming together, although the venture failed miserably. Mrs. Burridge imagines Henry coming to get Frank in his truck during her apocalyptic fantasy.