When It Happens


Margaret Atwood

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Sarah Burridge Character Analysis

Sarah Burridge is the daughter of Mrs. Burridge and Frank Burridge. She is the only Burridge child mentioned by name in the story, although little is known about her except that she is the eldest, and that Mrs. Burridge was pregnant with her when she first started gardening. Sarah is now fully grown and no longer lives with her parents.
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Sarah Burridge Character Timeline in When It Happens

The timeline below shows where the character Sarah Burridge appears in When It Happens. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
When It Happens
Family, Community, and Isolation Theme Icon
The Patterns of Domestic Life Theme Icon
...and has made pickles ever since. During that time, she was pregnant with her daughter Sarah, which made gardening difficult. When Mrs. Burridge was young, making your own pickles was a... (full context)
The Mundane and the Apocalyptic  Theme Icon
Control vs. Lack of Control Theme Icon
Family, Community, and Isolation Theme Icon
...too much stress on her feet, they begin to swell, something that first occurred after Sarah was born. Mrs. Burridge has always been good about planning things in advance and already... (full context)