Winter Dreams


F. Scott Fitzgerald

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T.A. Hedrick Character Analysis

Hedrick is one of the wealthy people who plays on the Sherry Island Golf Course in the summers, and one of Dexter’s winter dreams is to defeat Hedrick in a game of golf. According to Dexter, has a reputation as a “good golfer,” but Dexter changes his mind about this after playing a game with him. As an adult with increasing wealth, Dexter feels a “tremendous superiority” over Hedrick and considers him “a bore.” While the men are searching for a lost golf ball, Hedrick is hit in the abdomen by one of Judy’s balls. He is annoyed by Judy’s presence on the course, both because she is a woman and because of her reputation for promiscuity.

T.A. Hedrick Quotes in Winter Dreams

The Winter Dreams quotes below are all either spoken by T.A. Hedrick or refer to T.A. Hedrick . For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Class Mobility and the American Dream Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Dover Thrift Editions edition of Winter Dreams published in 2015.
Section 1 Quotes

He became a golf champion and defeated T.A. Hedrick in a marvelous match played a hundred times over the fairways of his imagination, a match each detail of which he changed about untiringly—sometimes he won with almost laughable ease, sometimes he came up magnificently from behind. Again, stepping from a Pierce-Arrow automobile, like Mr. Mortimer Jones, he strolled frigidly into the lounge of the Sherry Island Golf Club—or perhaps, surrounded by an admiring crowd, he gave an exhibition of fancy diving from the spring-board of the club raft….

Related Symbols: Winter Dreams
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Section 2  Quotes

One minute he had the sense of being a trespasser—in the next he was impressed by the tremendous superiority he felt toward Mr. T.A. Hedrick, who was a bore and not even a good golfer anymore.

Related Characters: Dexter Green, T.A. Hedrick
Related Symbols: Winter Dreams
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“Good looking!” cried Mr. Hedrick contemptuously. “She always looks as if she wanted to be kissed! Turning those big cow-eyes on every calf in town!”

Related Characters: T.A. Hedrick (speaker), Judy Jones
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T.A. Hedrick Character Timeline in Winter Dreams

The timeline below shows where the character T.A. Hedrick appears in Winter Dreams. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 1
Class Mobility and the American Dream Theme Icon
Dreams, Happiness, and Reality Theme Icon
Time, Progress, and Repetition Theme Icon
Dexter fantasizes about defeating T.A. Hedrick (an elite member of the golf club) in a golf game and becoming a champion.... (full context)
Section 2 
Class Mobility and the American Dream Theme Icon
Dreams, Happiness, and Reality Theme Icon
...This leads to him spending an afternoon playing golf with Mr. Hart, Mr. Sandwood, and T.A. Hedrick . He remembers having once carried Mr. Hart’s bag and he glances at the four... (full context)
Class Mobility and the American Dream Theme Icon
Dreams, Happiness, and Reality Theme Icon
...moment, he feels that he does not belong. In another moment, he feels superior to T.A. Hedrick and remarks on his being “a bore” and “not even a good golfer anymore.” (full context)
Gender and Ambition Theme Icon search for it. Suddenly, “a bright new ball” comes over the hill and hits T.A. Hedrick in the stomach. Judy Jones claims it as hers, which prompts Hedrick to complain about... (full context)
Gender and Ambition Theme Icon
Dexter finds Judy “arrestingly beautiful,” a sentiment that is shared by Mr. Sandwood. Mr. Hedrick, however, seems to think that Judy is not good-looking because she “always looks as if... (full context)