Yellow Woman


Leslie Marmon Silko

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Yellow Woman/Narrator

The unnamed narrator of the story is referred to as Yellow Woman—a mythological character from Native American folklore. She spends the story trying to determine whether it is possible that she could be both an… read analysis of Yellow Woman/Narrator


The narrator meets Silva as he sits by the river bank. He claims to be ka’tsina (a mythical mountain spirit known for seducing native women) and says that he has been waiting for her. The… read analysis of Silva/Ka’tsina

The Narrator’s Grandfather

Although the narrator’s grandfather is deceased at the time of the narration, he occupies an important space in the text and in her mind. The narrator thinks about how her grandfather loved to tell… read analysis of The Narrator’s Grandfather

The White Rancher

The white rancher intercepts Silva and Yellow Woman as they head to the town to sell Silva’s butchered beef. The narrator describes the white rancher as having “thick rolls of belly fat” and smelling “rancid.”… read analysis of The White Rancher