Zero Hour


Ray Bradbury

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Mrs. Mary Morris

Mrs. Morris is seven-year-old Mink’s mother and Henry Morris’ wife. She is somewhat exhausted by her excitable, imaginative daughter, though she often plays along with Mink’s happy rambling. Like all of the adults… read analysis of Mrs. Mary Morris

Mink Morris

Mrs. Morris and Henry Morris’s daughter Mink is a spunky, spirited seven-year-old girl who, like many of the other neighborhood children, is obsessed with the Invasion game. She is extremely loyal to Drillread analysis of Mink Morris


Drill is the apparent leader of an alien force, who successfully convinces Mink—and the rest of the children in America (or perhaps the world) under ten years old—to help the aliens invade Earth. He… read analysis of Drill

Mr. Henry Morris

Mr. Morris is Mrs. Morris’s husband and Mink’s father. He appears to be the typical middle-class white-collar business man living in a cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood. As a logical adult, Mr. Morris thinks his… read analysis of Mr. Henry Morris


Helen is Mrs. Morris’s friend who lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her son, Tim, is also crazy about the Invasion game, which is the story’s first indication that something serious and widespread is going… read analysis of Helen
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Joseph Connors

Joseph Connors is a twelve-year-old boy in the neighborhood who wants to play the Invasion game with Mink and the younger children. Mink prevents him from participating, claiming he is too old to play and… read analysis of Joseph Connors

Peggy Ann

Peggy Ann is one of the younger children in Mink’s neighborhood. She initially participates in the Invasion game, but eventually leaves the yard in tears. Mink tells Mrs. Morris that Peggy Ann “grew up… read analysis of Peggy Ann
Minor Characters
Pete Britz
Pete Britz is an older boy in Mink’s neighborhood whom Mink hates. Like Dale Jerrick, Pete refuses to believe in Drill, makes fun of the younger kids, and acts “snooty.” Mink ominously declares that she and the aliens will kill Pete and Dale first.
Dale Jerrick
Dale Jerrick is an older boy in Mink’s neighborhood. He makes fun of Mink and the other younger kids, is “snooty” because he thinks he’s so grown up, and refuses to believe that Drill is real. Mink vows to kill him first, along with the similarly behaved Pete Britz.
Anna is one of the young girls in Mink’s neighborhood who plays the Invasion game. She is in charge of writing notes on a notepad, but she has trouble spelling and writing in general, which makes Mink impatient.
Tim is Helen’s son. Like Mink, he is obsessed with the Invasion game.