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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Helena and Demetrius, and Hermia and Lysander, are crossed in love; the fairy king Oberon and his queen Titania are arguing; and Bottom and his friends are trying to prepare a play to celebrate Duke Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. With Puck’s magic potion and a bit of mischief, the lovers re-couple, while Bottom gains a donkey’s head—and Titania’s love! With the Shakescleare modern English translation of A Midsummer’s Night Dream, you can understand with ease how Shakespeare’s twisted comic plot untangles, and better grasp the play’s famous lines, including “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” and “the course of true love never did run smooth.”

Ben florman
About the Translator: Ben Florman

Ben is a co-founder of LitCharts. He holds a BA in English Literature from Harvard University, where as an undergraduate he won the Winthrop Sargent prize for best undergraduate paper on a topic related to Shakespeare.