A Passage to India

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Wasps are mentioned occasionally throughout the novel, and their appearance signifies the theme of the oneness of all living things, especially in the Hindu vision of pantheism. The wasp associates Mrs. Moore with Hinduism for the first time when she watches one in her room and feels an appreciation and love for it. Years later, Professor Godbole thinks of both Mrs. Moore and the wasp when filled with religious ecstasy and love for all living things. The wasp generally represents the “lowest” of creatures that can be incorporated into the vision of oneness—Godbole tries to include a stone in his universal love, but cannot. Thus the wasp is also symbolic of the limits of the idea of unity, which is not a perfect solution, but still a hopeful one for India politically and for the characters’ internal struggles.

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Wasps Symbol Timeline in A Passage to India

The timeline below shows where the symbol Wasps appears in A Passage to India. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 3
“Muddles” and Mysteries Theme Icon
Division vs. Unity Theme Icon
...bedroom, and as she hangs up her cloak she sees that there is a small wasp on her coat hook. The narrator says that “no Indian animal has any sense of... (full context)
Part 1, Chapter 4
Division vs. Unity Theme Icon
...He has discussed this with his Hindu friends, but he is unwilling to consider allowing wasps, plants, bacteria, or mud into heaven. Mr. Sorley feels that “we must exclude someone from... (full context)
Part 3, Chapter 33
“Muddles” and Mysteries Theme Icon
Division vs. Unity Theme Icon
...of things that make up the united universe for him. Godbole then thinks of a wasp, and he loves the wasp equally to Mrs. Moore, and then he thinks of the... (full context)
“Muddles” and Mysteries Theme Icon
Friendship Theme Icon
Division vs. Unity Theme Icon
Race and Culture Theme Icon
...heaven.” Godbole recovers from his holy ecstasy and thinks again of Mrs. Moore and the wasp, feeling a kinship to the old woman. He tries to place himself in her shoes,... (full context)