A Study in Scarlet


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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A Study in Scarlet Characters

Sherlock Holmes

The protagonist of the story, a consulting detective to the London police force (though they seldom give him credit for his help) who solves crimes while accompanied by his roommate John Watson. Though Holmes… read analysis of Sherlock Holmes

John H. Watson

The narrator for most of the novel, Watson is a British army doctor who was injured during the Afghan war. Upon his return to England he becomes Sherlock Holmes’ roommate and companion. At the… read analysis of John H. Watson

Jefferson Hope

The antagonist and murderer of the case Holmes focuses on during A Study in Scarlet, Hope was originally an adventurous silver prospector who fell in love with Lucy Ferrier, who became his fiancée… read analysis of Jefferson Hope

John Ferrier

Devout and moral, John Ferrier adopts the young girl Lucy as his daughter after most of their pioneer town dies of dehydration. Ferrier proves himself to be a loving father and hardworking man, and after… read analysis of John Ferrier

Lucy Ferrier

John Ferrier’s adopted daughter, Lucy grows up in the Mormon community as a strong and beautiful young woman. Eventually she falls in love with Jefferson Hope, a Gentile who becomes her fiancé. Though… read analysis of Lucy Ferrier
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Enoch Drebber

The wealthy son of Elder Drebber, a leader among the Mormons, Enoch Drebber is the first murder victim that Holmes and Watson encounter in their “study in scarlet.” He uses his power among the… read analysis of Enoch Drebber

Joseph Stangerson

The son of Elder Stangerson, Joseph Stangerson was one of Lucy’s unwanted polygamous suitors. Stangerson killed John Ferrier and helped kidnap Lucy, and so he is one of the two men against whom… read analysis of Joseph Stangerson

Brigham Young

A fictionalized depiction of the leader of the Mormons. A cold but capable leader, Young leads the Mormons to Utah, declaring it to be their promised land. On the way, Young saves the wayfarers Johnread analysis of Brigham Young
Minor Characters
A well-known Scotland Yard detective. Along with his rival Gregson, he is described by Holmes as “the pick of a bad lot.” He is quick to jump to conclusions and is eager to claim credit for cases Holmes has solved.
Tobias Gregson
Described by Holmes as the “smartest of the Scotland Yarders” and, along with his rival Lestrade, “the pick of a bad lot.” Like Lestrade, he often claims credit for cases solved by Holmes and is unwilling to publically acknowledge Holmes’ help.
A Mormon acquaintance of Jefferson Hope. He informs Hope about Stangerson’s murder of John Ferrier and Lucy’s forced marriage to Drebber.
Elder Stangerson
One of the principal Mormon elders (“the Holy Four”) who first takes charge of John Ferrier and Lucy. He is Joseph Stangerson’s father.
Elder Drebber
One of the principal Mormon elders (“the Holy Four”). He is Enoch Drebber’s father.
Elder Kemball
One of the principal Mormon elders(“the Holy Four”).
Elder Johnston
One of the principal Mormon elders(“the Holy Four”).
Formerly a dresser at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and an old acquaintance of John Watson. He introduces Watson to Holmes.
John Rance
The constable who found Drebber’s body at Lauriston Gardens but failed to realize that the drunk man he encountered while there was the murderer who had returned to the crime scene.
Madame Charpentier
Owner of the London boardinghouse at which Drebber and Stangerson stayed. She is the mother of Alice and Arthur Charpentier.
Alice Charpentier
Daughter of Madame Charpentier and brother of Arthur Charpentier. She is a victim of Enoch Drebber’s unwanted sexual advances and his attempt to abduct her.
Arthur Charpentier
Naval officer and son of Madame Charpentier. He threatened Drebber after his attempt to abduct his sister Alice. Falsely accused by Gregson of murdering Drebber.
The Old Woman (Disguised friend of Jefferson Hope)
A clever and active young man who manages to deceive Sherlock Holmes and John Watson by dressing as an old woman.
Leader of the street urchins employed by Holmes.
A former sergeant for the Royal Marine Light Infantry. He delivers to Holmes a letter from Gregson, asking for assistance on the Drebber case.
An orderly who saved Watson at the Battle of Maiwand during the Second Anglo-Afghan war.