A White Heron


Sarah Orne Jewett

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Dan Tilley Character Analysis

Dan is Sylvia’s uncle and Mrs. Tilley’s only living son (although she is not totally sure that he is alive). He left home many years ago to explore the American West and has lost touch with the family. Mrs. Tilley remarks that both Dan and Sylvia share a deep personal connection to wildlife and both feel a call to explore nature.
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Dan Tilley Character Timeline in A White Heron

The timeline below shows where the character Dan Tilley appears in A White Heron. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part I
Conservation vs. Greed Theme Icon
...Mrs. Tilley says that four of her children have died. Sylvia’s mother and her son, Dan, are the only children she has left. Dan travelled out West to California and they... (full context)
Nature vs. Industrialization Theme Icon
Conservation vs. Greed Theme Icon
Solitude Theme Icon
Mrs. Tilley says that Sylvia has the same adventurous spirit as her uncle Dan. Sylvia knows every inch of the land and the wildlife regards her as one of... (full context)