Absurd Person Singular


Sir Alan Ayckbourn

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Absurd Person Singular Symbols

George the Dog

George the dog is mentioned in all three acts of the play, though it never appears onstage. At various points, the characters describe George as a good, obedient, lovable dog—however, in Act Two, George bites…

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Throughout the play, the characters drink alcohol and offer it to others. Alcohol is another example of something that’s supposed to bring its consumers happiness, but which often ends up making them sadder and lonelier…

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Musical Dancing

The play concludes with a bizarre game, organized by Jane Hopcroft and Sidney Hopcroft. In this game, the characters must dance and then stop at the same time as the music. Players who continue…

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The Shopping Complex

Geoffrey Jackson is chosen to design a new shopping complex; however, he’s humiliated when the complex collapses, nearly killing its manager. The building symbolizes the instability of Geoffrey and the other characters’ lives: one day…

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All three acts of the play are set during Christmas parties. Christmas is often considered a holiday that celebrates kindness, generosity, and family. However, Christmas is also a holiday that epitomizes greed and conspicuous consumption…

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