After the Race


James Joyce

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After the Race Characters

Jimmy Doyle

The story’s protagonist is a young Irishman named Jimmy Doyle. Jimmy is twenty-six years old and has a brown moustache and “rather innocent looking grey eyes.” Jimmy’s father is a wealthy man, whose money supported… read analysis of Jimmy Doyle

Charles Ségouin

Charles Ségouin is a French man who owns the car that Jimmy Doyle, André Rivière, and Villona are riding in at the end of the race. Ségouin serves as a symbolic representative for… read analysis of Charles Ségouin

Jimmy Doyle’s father

Jimmy Doyle’s father is a wealthy Irish businessman who acquired his money by managing a chain of butcher shops that are now established across Dublin. Although he had been an Irish nationalist as a… read analysis of Jimmy Doyle’s father


Villona is a poor, but talented, Hungarian pianist who is one of the six men who make up the partying group along with Jimmy Doyle. He also serves as a symbolic representative as Hungary… read analysis of Villona


Routh is an Englishman who meets up with the group of men at dinner. He is the symbolic representative for England in the story. There are multiple references to a tight connection between Routh and… read analysis of Routh
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André Rivière

André Rivière is Charles Ségouin’s Canadian cousin and is the story’s representative for Canada, although he is connected in a tangential manner to France: he is Ségouin’s cousin; he intends to become manager of… read analysis of André Rivière


Farley is an American and is described as being a “short fat man.” He, like the other characters, serves as a symbol for his home country. He knows André Rivière, although their connection is… read analysis of Farley