All Summer in a Day


Ray Bradbury

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Jealousy, Bullying, and Isolation

“All Summer in a Day” tells the story of a group of children ostracizing and bullying a child who doesn’t fit in. Margot, who moved to Venus from Earth several years before, has real memories of the sun, unlike her classmates who have seen only Venus’ constant rain. As sunlight is the experience that the children on Venus cherish the most, Margot becomes a scapegoat for the children’s frustration and longing. Their jealousy…

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The Power of Nature

“All Summer in a Day” imagines a world in which humans have left Earth for Venus, an inhospitable planet where they must live completely indoors and can only dream about the pleasures of being outside. This estrangement from nature changes humanity, both physically and emotionally, by draining people of color, vitality, and even empathy. In this way, Bradbury shows how central nature—and particularly the sun —is to humankind.

The strongest example of this is the…

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Nostalgia and Discontent

“All Summer in a Day” depicts a world in which the sun, though absent, has tremendous power over people’s lives. Characters are obsessed with their memories of the sun; Margot is sustained by her detailed memories, while her classmates—whose memories of the sun are either distant and brief or altogether nonexistent—are anxious and insecure that they can’t remember it better. Through his depiction of a society obsessed with memory and absence, Bradbury demonstrates…

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Anticipation and Disappointment

As its title suggests, “All Summer in a Day” is about a single day of great importance, one that the inhabitants of Venus have anticipated eagerly for seven years. While great anticipation often leads to dashed expectations, Bradbury’s story shows that there is an even worse fate than unmet expectation: the brief moment of sunlight on Venus brings more joy than the children could ever have imagined, which leaves them with a demoralizing longing for…

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