And Then There Were None


Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None Characters

Justice Wargrave

A recently retired Judge who quickly re-assumes this role on the island, holding impromptu "court cases" after nearly every murder. He is obsessed with justice, and also with death, as he reveals at the… read analysis of Justice Wargrave

Emily Brent

A religious woman certain of her own righteousness, she is convinced also of everyone else's sinfulness. Long before coming to the island, Emily Brent fired and kicked out of her house a woman named Beatrice… read analysis of Emily Brent

Vera Claythorne

A schoolteacher who is invited to Soldier Island as a secretary. She is very practical and careful, but she is also a romantic. She fell in love with a man named Hugo while she was… read analysis of Vera Claythorne

Philip Lombard

Lombard was hired by Mr. Isaac Morris to come to Soldier Island and watch out for any trouble. He is a very resourceful and creative man who used to be a soldier in Africa. While… read analysis of Philip Lombard

Dr. Edward Armstrong

A successful doctor who comes to Soldier Island because he is told that Ms. Owen is sick. He used to drink too much and once accidentally killed an old woman because he was drunk while… read analysis of Dr. Edward Armstrong
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William Henry Blore

An ex-police inspector who is tricked into coming to the island when he is told that he is supposed to protect Mrs. Owen's jewels from a thief. In his past Blore, in order to gain… read analysis of William Henry Blore

Thomas Rogers

The butler on Soldier Island, Mr. Rogers is a dedicated and professional servant. He always brings the drinks and food on time and is always polite and deferential. Yet he killed an old woman he… read analysis of Thomas Rogers

General John Gordon Macarthur

A general in World War I, he is the oldest guest on the island and is suspected of intentionally sending a lieutenant, Arthur Richmond, to his death. Macarthur did this when he learned that Richmond… read analysis of General John Gordon Macarthur

Ethel Rogers

Mr. Rogers's wife, Ethel cooks all the meals on the island and does the housekeeping. Vera notices from the very beginning that Ethel looks constantly frightened and this seems to relate to her sense of… read analysis of Ethel Rogers

Isaac Morris

Morris is never actually present in the novel but he is hired by Wargrave to purchase the island under the name of Mr. Owen, and find plausible ways to invite all the guests. Owen is… read analysis of Isaac Morris
Minor Characters
Anthony Marston
This wealthy, daredevil of a young man is first seen zipping down the road in his fancy car. He once hit two children and killed them, but he feels no remorse for the act because he believes it was an accident. Marston is a man with basically no morals.
Fred Narracott
A man from the mainland who ferries the boat to Soldier Island.
Inspector Maine
An inspector from Scotland Yard who is mystified by the murders on Soldier's Island.
Sir Thomas Legge
Another mystified inspector from Scotland Yard.