And Then There Were None


Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None Symbols

The Storm

In the very beginning of the novel, Mr. Blore encounters an old man on the train who warns him of a coming storm. Mr. Blore does not believe him because it looks bright and sunny… read analysis of The Storm

The Island

The island is more than the setting of the novel. It also, like the storm, sets the characters is a space apart from the world. In this isolated space the typical rules of law and… read analysis of The Island


The change in the presence of food throughout the novel demonstrates the demise of civilization and order on the island. When the guests first come to the island they have an elaborate meal prepared by… read analysis of Food

The Mark of Cain

Judge Wargrave explains this symbol in his secret letter, sealed in a bottle. He writes that the mark on his forehead is one of the three clues that could help explain the nearly unsolvable murder… read analysis of The Mark of Cain