Anita and Me


Meera Syal

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Much quieter and self-effacing than his wife Auntie Shaila, Uncle Amman is the first person Meena’s father meets in England. Generous and kind, he helps papa become accustomed to England. He has a heart attack at the end of the novel, which forces Meena’s parents to leave the house on the evening before Meena’s eleven-plus exam.
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Uncle Amman Character Timeline in Anita and Me

The timeline below shows where the character Uncle Amman appears in Anita and Me. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 13
Family Discipline and Guidance Theme Icon
Culture and Belonging Theme Icon move out of Tollington. When the telephone rings, mama learns that Auntie Shaila’s husband Uncle Amman has just had a heart attack. Meena’s parents are very worried and, although they do... (full context)