At Hiruharama


Penelope Fitzgerald

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At Hiruharama Characters


Tanner is the story’s protagonist. He is an orphan in England who is sent to Auckland, New Zealand to be an apprentice, but the wealthy family he works for treats him more like a servant… read analysis of Tanner


Similar to Tanner, Kitty comes to New Zealand from England to find a better life. She was promised the role of a governess (a private tutor for a family’s children) in a well-off family… read analysis of Kitty


Brinkman is the Tanners’ nearest neighbor, who lives about 10 miles from them. He eats dinner with the Tanners every six months or so; otherwise, they rarely see him. Tanner says that Brinkman often complains… read analysis of Brinkman

Mr. Tanner

Mr. Tanner is the grandson of Tanner and Kitty, whose story he tells to an unknown and unseen character. Mr. Tanner’s family has just recently decided to leave New Zealand, and his main purpose… read analysis of Mr. Tanner

The Doctor

The doctor lives in the town of Awanui, which Tanner calculates is about two and a half hours from his own homestead. The doctor ostensibly oversees Kitty’s prenatal care, her labor, and the birth… read analysis of The Doctor
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Parrish has one of the last homesteads on the outskirts of Awanui. He keeps Blue Chequer racing pigeons, two of which Tanner borrows so that he can use them to send for the doctor when… read analysis of Parrish