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Penelope Fitzgerald

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The standpipe adds significant value to Tanner and Kitty’s homestead and symbolizes the theme that value can often be found in overlooked or neglected places. When Kitty and Tanner find their new house, they don’t even have to buy it; because of its out-of-the-way location and the poor condition of the surrounding land, the previous owner abandoned it. Even though the house has been abandoned, it has something that the Tanners view as priceless, something that “you could give a thousand pounds for and still not get”: a standpipe giving “constant clear water from an underground well.” In many places, the statement suggests, one could spend seemingly unlimited amounts of money to dig a well and still get dirty, brackish, or otherwise tarnished water. But in this out-of-the-way, neglected, and abandoned homestead, the Tanners find a standpipe giving constant, perfectly clear water, a symbol of the value that can be found in overlooked, neglected, or abandoned places.  

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They didn’t have to buy their place, it had been left deserted, and yet it had something you could give a thousand pounds for and not get, and that was a standpipe giving constant clear water from an underground well.

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