Toni Morrison

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Beloved: Part 1, Chapter 17 Summary & Analysis

Back in the present, at the slaughterhouse where Stamp Paid and Paul D both work, Stamp Paid shows Paul D a news clipping about Sethe killing her child. Paul D doesn’t believe it’s her. Stamp Paid tells him about the celebration Baby Suggs had, with the blackberries he gathered.
Sethe’s past begins to catch up with her, even as Paul D refuses to believe that the article is about her.
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Stamp Paid plans to tell Paul D about the day Sethe killed her child, how the four horseman arrived and she recognized Schoolteacher and gathered her children and ran to the shed. But he doesn’t tell him, as Paul D doesn’t believe that the news clipping is about Sethe.
Attempting to plan a future with Sethe, Paul D does not want to hear about her troubled past.
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