Beneath a Scarlet Sky


Mark Sullivan

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Beneath a Scarlet Sky: Chapter 28 Summary & Analysis

On his way to the Hotel Regina with Leyers, Pino spots Mimo pointing a gun at a Nazi vehicle and ordering the Germans to put down their weapons. Caught up in the moment, Pino decides to take the opportunity to arrest Leyers. Pino puts his gun to Leyers’s head and orders him to drive to the address given to Pino by the partisans. Leyers tries to convince Pino that he’s making a mistake, but Pino doesn’t listen to him. When they arrive at the appropriate spot, partisan soldiers take Leyers and thank Pino for his work.
This is the first of several climactic moments that occur over the course of the next few chapters. Finally, Pino no longer needs to pretend to be a Nazi, and he finds this freedom liberating. However, as important a moment as this is for Pino’s character, the actual showdown between Pino and Leyers is rather anticlimactic. Largely, Leyers does as he is told and complies with Pino’s demands.
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When Pino returns to Milan, all of the lights around the city come back on for the first time in many months. Throughout the city, Pino hears skirmishes taking place between the Germans, the Italian Fascists, and resistance groups. Pino returns home and finds his parents celebrating along with his Uncle Albert. Albert tells Pino that he was part of a prison riot; Albert and other resistance members broke out of their cells and freed everyone around them.
The lights initially went off in the city so that it would be more difficult for the Allies to bomb it effectively. Now that the bombing is over, the lights are back on. However, Milan is in a state of civil unrest as various groups vie for control of the city.
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The next day, Pino goes to the Hotel Diana where he meets Major Knebel, an American. Knebel asks Pino for two favors. First, he needs Pino to take him to a place where he can make a phone call and second, he wants Pino to throw the American soldiers a party. Pino agrees to do both. After providing Knebel with his phone call, Pino goes off in search of Carletto. Pino finds his old friend and tells him the truth about what he was doing in a Nazi uniform. The two friends make up and Carletto agrees to help Pino throw a party for the Americans.
This section of the novel contains an odd mixture of celebration and violence. On the one hand, the war is nearly over, but on the other, Milan is in a state of utter chaos. However, Pino’s mind is starting to settle down as he is able to reveal the truth to his friends and family.
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