Katherine Mansfield

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Bertha Young

The protagonist of the story, Bertha Young is a wealthy, middle class woman who is married to Harry and has a young daughter, Little B. Bertha is a sociable woman who seems to feel… read analysis of Bertha Young

Pearl Fulton

Pearl Fulton is a friend of Bertha Young’s, whom Bertha has invited to her dinner party and who is secretly engaged in an affair with Bertha’s husband, Harry. Pearl is a mysterious and… read analysis of Pearl Fulton

Harry Young

Harry, Bertha Young’s husband, is having an affair with Pearl Fulton, with whom Bertha is also seemingly in love. Harry appears, on the surface, to be a frank, daring person who does not… read analysis of Harry Young

Eddie Warren

Eddie Warren is a neurotic and fashionable writer whom Bertha Young has invited to her dinner party. Eddie Warren comes across as imaginative and easily alarmed, as exemplified in his interaction with a taxi driver… read analysis of Eddie Warren

Mrs. Knight

Mrs. Knight is the wife of Mr. Norman Knight and one of Bertha Young’s guests at her dinner party. She presents herself as a bold, unconventional woman, making an entrance to the dinner party by… read analysis of Mrs. Knight
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Mr. Norman Knight

Mr. Norman Knight is one of Bertha Young’s guests at her dinner party and is the husband of Mrs. Knight. Mr. Knight comes across as a man who lives a conventional life but… read analysis of Mr. Norman Knight


Nurse is an employee of Bertha Young and cares for Bertha and Harry’s young daughter, Little B. Nurse seems to have a very close bond with Little B, even though she is Bertha’s… read analysis of Nurse
Minor Characters
Little B
Little B is the infant daughter of Harry and Bertha Young