Braiding Sweetgrass


Robin Wall Kimmerer

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Brad Character Analysis

Brad is one of Robin’s students on her five-week field work trip in ethnobotany. He is initially wary of living in the wilderness without technology, but over time he joins the other students in discovering the joy of connecting with the land itself. Brad’s experience illustrates how simply living closely with nature can make anyone learn to appreciate it.

Brad Quotes in Braiding Sweetgrass

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Reciprocity and Communalism Theme Icon
Chapter 20 Quotes

So, were we to act ethically, don’t we have to somehow compensate the plants for what we received?

[…] The students ramble and laugh as we work and weave, but come up with a long list of suggestions. Brad proposes a permit system in which we do pay for what we take, a fee to the state that goes to support wetland protection. […] They also suggest defensive strategies. […] To go to a town planning board meeting and speak up for wetland preservation. To vote. Natalie promises to get a rain barrel at her apartment, to reduce water pollution. […] I thought they would have no answer, but I was humbled by their creativity. The gifts they might return to cattails are as diverse as those the cattails gave them. This is our work, to discover what we can give.

Related Characters: Robin Wall Kimmerer (speaker), Brad
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Brad Character Timeline in Braiding Sweetgrass

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Chapter 20
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...on the TV and are surprised to experience the reality of real wilderness. One student, Brad, is especially apprehensive and seems attached to his phone and his sense of the readily... (full context)