Brighton Rock


Graham Greene

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Sylvie Character Analysis

Spicer's girlfriend. Pinkie meets Sylvie the day after Spicer's death. Pinkie feels sexual attraction to Sylvie in a way he never has before. She leads him out to one of the cars to have sex, but Pinkie ultimately is filled with dread by the idea — his attraction is based on a desire for power, not true sexual desire, and so he cannot go through with it.
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Sylvie Character Timeline in Brighton Rock

The timeline below shows where the character Sylvie appears in Brighton Rock. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part V, Chapter 1
Pride and Ambition Theme Icon
Sex and Shame Theme Icon
The Queen of Hearts is in a converted Tudor barn. Spicer’s girlfriend, Sylvie, is drinking alone at the bar. Cubitt suggests they go over to her and offer... (full context)
Sex and Shame Theme Icon
Sylvie says Dallow always knows when she likes a man. Pinkie eyes her with lust. Here... (full context)
Part VI, Chapter 2
Catholicism Theme Icon
Sex and Shame Theme Icon
Innocence vs. Experience Theme Icon
...everyone to come and have drinks on him to celebrate the occasion. He thinks of Sylvie stretched out in the back of the Lancia and he is filled with dread. (full context)