Brighton Rock


Graham Greene

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Brighton Rock Terms


The buer is, according to the sixteenth century magical textbook, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the president of hell. Pinkie, a Catholic whose belief system is characterized primarily by a morbid fascination with death and damnation… read analysis of Buer

Kolley Kibber

In August 1927, the Westminster Gazette newspaper created the promotional character Lobby Lud. Reporters would assume the identity of “Lobby Lud” and travel to seaside resorts, doing their best to be spotted by tourists who… read analysis of Kolley Kibber


To Pinkie and his gang, all women are “polonys.” By likening every member of the female sex to a sausage, Pinkie and his men are literally reducing women to pieces of meat. In this scenario… read analysis of Polony


Pinkie carries a vial of vitriol, or sulfuric acid, in his pocket wherever he goes. On his first date with Rose, he fingers the vial with a pleasure that verges on the erotic. He… read analysis of Vitriol