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Five-Dollar Note Symbol Analysis

Five-Dollar Note Symbol Icon

The five-dollar note that Liz takes out of her purse symbolizes the towering costs of capitalism. When Liz is asked to contribute money to the office morning tea, a celebration of important occasions like birthdays and returns from maternity leave, she takes a five-dollar note from her wallet and tries not to look at the photograph of Daniel, with his “smile like a booby trap.” The proximity of the money and the picture symbolizes the personal and financial costs of capitalism—Liz is contributing her own money to a work event and is sacrificing time she could be spending with her child in the process.

Five-Dollar Note Quotes in Cake

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Liz fishes out her wallet and finds a five-dollar note, snaps it shut before she has to look at the photo of Daniel tucked in there. His shy smile like a boobytrap. He’d have his thumb in his mouth right not. Not smiling, that’s for sure.

Related Characters: Liz, Daniel, Julie, Stella, and Caroline
Related Symbols: Five-Dollar Note
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Five-Dollar Note Symbol Timeline in Cake

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Liz is asked to contribute money for the celebratory morning tea. She takes a five-dollar note out of her purse and wills herself not to look at the photo of Daniel... (full context)