Call Me By Your Name


André Aciman

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Call Me By Your Name Characters


Elio is the novel’s seventeen-year-old narrator and protagonist. The son of intellectuals, Elio himself is an intelligent young man who is bilingual, well-read, and a talented musician. He spends his summers working on classical scores… read analysis of Elio


Oliver is a twenty-four-year-old professor at Columbia University who travels to the Italian town of B. to live for six weeks with Elio’s family with the goal of finishing a book project. Oliver is… read analysis of Oliver

Elio’s Father (Mr. Pearlman)

Mr. Pearlman is a professor who invites young scholars to work on their book manuscripts at his home in Italy, where he spends his summers with Elio and Mrs. Pearlman. Elio’s father is a… read analysis of Elio’s Father (Mr. Pearlman)

Elio’s Mother (Mrs. Pearlman)

Mrs. Pearlman is an Italian woman who spent her childhood visiting the house in the village of B. that she now lives in every summer with Elio and her husband, Mr. Pearlman. Mrs. Pearlman… read analysis of Elio’s Mother (Mrs. Pearlman)


An Italian girl who is romantically interested in Elio. Despite her feelings—and the things Elio tells her—Marzia senses he will hurt her emotionally. In fact, she seems to know that his true affections lie… read analysis of Marzia
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An Italian girl who is Elio’s age. The summer before Oliver arrived, Chiara was madly obsessed with Elio. Now, though, she looks like an adult and wants nothing to do with him, instead focusing… read analysis of Chiara


A ten-year-old Italian girl who has leukemia. Everybody in B. loves Vimini, who is sweet and smart. She takes a liking to Oliver, with whom she begins a genuine friendship. When Elio and Oliver… read analysis of Vimini


The cook in Elio’s family’s summer home. Mafalda is a kind Italian woman who, like everybody else, warms up to Oliver and his casual Americanisms. A caring and attentive person, Mafalda is something of… read analysis of Mafalda

The Poet (Alfredo)

A poet Elio first meets in a bookstore in B. while on a date with Marzia. Wandering into the store, they learn that a book release party has just finished, so Elio buys two… read analysis of The Poet (Alfredo)


A scholar who stayed in Elio’s house in B. two summers before Oliver came. Although nothing ever happened between them, Elio understands after his relationship with Oliver that he was attracted to Maynard, and… read analysis of Maynard
Minor Characters
Mafalda’s husband, who occupies the position of the driver for the Pearlman household.
The gardener employed by the Pearlmans. Although everybody says that Anchise gives them “the creeps,” Elio’s father upholds that he has a “heart of gold.”
The Poet’s Wife (Lucia)
Alfredo’s wife, who is kind to Elio during the reading of “The San Clemente Syndrome.” Throughout his and Oliver’s crazy evening in Rome, the poet’s wife affectionately refers to Elio as “debauched,” which he takes as a compliment.